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About Us

Loco Loco offers local fusion finger food snacks such as Ondeh Ondeh Churros, Salted Egg Yolk Churros and more. Every single item on our menu is created to fit our local tastebuds!

They're all made freshly on a daily basis! We offer customizations, specially curated menu & different set up themes!

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Welcome to Loco Loco, the ideal place for you to get all of the special catering in Singapore you require. We believe in making quality food come to life, and we’re passionate about helping you make use of that quality food. From making sure that you can get the easiest access to specific catering to making sure we can meet needs such as allergic choices and/or more options, we take the stress out of specialist catering!

When you are throwing an event, the last thing that you need is an event that lacks variety of quality in food. Good food is often the thing that gets the party started and brings people together for mingling and interaction. From networking events to parties, special catering is the best way to make sure th food on quality is brilliant. However, as you no doubt know yourself, it can be hard to get this right without the correct cooking experts on-hand. well, why not call us today? Our unique catering services are just what you need!


Singaporean events are often a major highlight of the calendar for locals looking to mingle, meet with others, and generally network. If you fear that you don’t have the quality of food available that you should, then you should look to invest in a special catering service. We’ll be more than happy to help you bridge that gap!

We believe that unique catering services should be able to adjust and adapt to fit with anything that you need of us. ​Our team will be able to prepare foods of all kinds and themes! We can even deliver it all to you, making sure that you can spend time preparing other parts of the event. Leave the food to us, and we’ll make sure that your guests all head home from their eating experience with the widest of smiles on their face!

So, want to make sure that your Singapore event is as brilliant as possible? Invest in our special catering in Singapore today!

Quality results should always be something you can count on in the catering industry. If you hire us, you’ll be hiring catering specialists with an eye for the unique.

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