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Live station churros include Original, Ondeh Ondeh and Oreo flavour.

Sauces provided are Chocolate, Caramel, White Chocolate and Gula Melaka Sauce.

Live station includes 1 x Churros Cart, 2 x Manpower, 1 x 10L Fryer and complimentary delivery (13AMP power plug would be required on your end)

Savoury sauce options are available for add on too

Approximately 120 x 4oz churn out rate per hour

Chili Crab Churros.PNG
Assorted Churros.PNG
Pandan Churros.PNG


Approximately 5.5cm diameter. Donut base flavour includes Vanilla or Chocolate & choice of 3 toppings

Live station includes 1 x Loco Loco Cart, 2 x Mini Donut Machine, 2 x Manpower and price is inclusive delivery & set up (13AMP power plug would be required on your end)

Approximately 120 mini donuts per hour

Donut 1.PNG
Donut 2.PNG
Donut 3.PNG


Fresh brew Cha Tra Mue Thai Milk Tea. Served in either dispenser on hourly basis OR bottled basis.

Available in Thai Milk Tea & Thai Green Milk Tea

Thai Milk Tea 1.PNG
Thai Milk Tea 3.PNG
Thai Milk Tea 2.PNG


Minimum engagement of 3 hours, and choice of only 1 flavour allowed.
Complimentary three toppings available

- Fine Chopped Nuts
- Rainbow Sprinkles
- Fruitti Tutti
- Honey Gold Flakes
- Rainbow Rice
- Chocolate Rice

Soft Serve 1.PNG
Soft Serve 3.PNG
Soft Serve 2.PNG


Chicken & Beef Scotch Eggs option available.

Meat is marinated using Loco Loco's homemade sauces.
Coated with breadcrumbs and cereal mixed.

Served with aromatic crispy prawn cracker, half egg and
topped with hoisin sauce.

Scotch Egg 1.PNG
Scotch Egg 2.PNG
Scotch Egg 3.PNG


Ice cream wrapped between 2 slices of bread Flavours are Vanilla, Chocolat, Durian, Strawberry, Mango, Yam.

Only Live Station option available. Additional topping are available upon request only such as Chocolate Sauce/Caramel Sauce

Fried Ice Cream 1.PNG
Fried Ice Cream 2.PNG
Fried Ice Cream 3.PNG


The "tako" (蛸) in takoyaki meaning octopus and yaki (焼) meaning baked.

It's a ball shaped snack made of wheat based batter, and can contain various different fillings and toppings.

Only Live Station option available. Topping of Chicken Sausage and Octopus to choose from. 

6 Tako.JPG
2 Tako.JPG
Original Tako.JPG

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